Oura Ring & intervals.icu integration

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve got an Oura ring and have been enjoying using it. I was looking for existing and potential integrations and decided to put together a small app to read sleep duration, HRV, and resting heart rate from Oura and import it into intervals.icu, hoping to correlate pedaling efficiency, power, HR data altogether for the coming months of training ahead. It was built in a way that is flexible enough for others to use it and you can find it here:

It is the first release of it but it worked well so far on my local runs and I believe it could work for others so feel free to evaluate it. The instructions to get it up and running are found in the link above. Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks @david for putting together the API that was easy to interact and work with!


Thanks for putting this together! I have an Oura ring myself and will have a look.


I have implemented Oura support in Intervals.icu. Message me if you would like early access. I am still waiting for app approval from them. Its max 10 users until that happens.

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Hey @david please could I get early access to oura integration? Thank you

Hi @david, loop me in, please, thanks!

Done. You might need to reload the app but should see a “Oura” section in /settings.

Happy to try this out!

Compared with polar watch, is Oura Ring sleep quality and HRV data reliable and accurate?

According to research by leading experts, the answer seems to be yes, Oura is more accurate. Please read this blog and reflect on your own opinion. What you need to know about Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data collected during the night | by Marco Altini | Medium


Hi @david please can I try the oura ring integration too?

It is live for everyone now, the app was approved. You should be able to see the Oura box in /settings.


Great work @david, thanks for putting it together!

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will Our integration also affect Fintess graph?


No but you can plot resting HR, HRV etc on custom charts on the /fitness page.

Having had some more time with this in place, do people find OURA ring helpful and accurate? (This is a question about the ring, not about Intervals).
Does one wear it just at night or all the time?

I wear mine all the time and have found the sleep tracking very accurate. I also value the average sleeping HR and resting HR data. It has also reliably detected me getting sick via elevated sleeping temp. I used that to figure out when I was over COVID recently. Not sure about the HRV data. Seems all over the place compared to what I have seen others post here. The readiness isn’t that useful because it doesn’t know that the 2h ride I did yesterday was vo2max intervals and I am definitely not going to be able to do much today.

I tried to upgrade to the gen3 but they no longer ship to South Africa which is very disappointing. When someone offers you $50 off and no subscription for life and you try buy and can’t … grrr.


What a stupid attitude. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback! Disappointing about the company - and also that it now requires a subscription. Don’t like when hardware functionality is tied to a subscription like that.

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That’s a small downside of Oura. It ‘under-qualifies’ your activities in terms of intensity. I can have the most intense indoor session and it is often labelled as ‘Medium’.

Nightly HRV is quite reliable to me, it often gets affected by late or long workouts and readiness decreases accordingly the next day.

I am not buying Gen3 and when/if this one dies I might give Whoop a chance for comparison purposes.

Does Oura Ring API allow tagging to be displayed? I use my Oura app for most tracking of things like medication, caffeine, massages, late screen time, etc. (I also use it for tagging general sickness but usually double the data and add sickness into Intervals as well)

It would be neat to see the tags on Intervals to add some more data to training, and match up training comments to the tags within Oura.

Is this something that I could submit a feature request for (and is it even possible/feasible?). Maybe it is in the “Comments” of the wellness section.