Option to download original file

is it possible to have the option to download the original file (as intervals receives it from strava) on each ride?

I think there is an option to do so, via the API (Check out the forum post about API Access)
However, i think a possible easier alternative would be to just connect your account to tapiriik.sync and use that to auto sync and download it directly to your dropbox account.

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As @app4g says Strava doesn’t give out the original file via their API :frowning: Even if they did the API terms of service wouldn’t let me give it out.

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@david that’s a shame. thanks for looking into it

Hi David, I’ve used multiple other apps that connect to Strava and allow download of a range of file types. Also whatever file you’re creating from the Strava data should be available under GDPR. Perhap’s this is similar to the case of what should happen to Strava data when a user revokes access. Hope you don’t mind me saying.