Option to config TID and TID classifications to HR only

Hi David,

Would be possible to have an option at settings (or somewhere else) to config Weekly and Totals TID and TID classifications to HR and not to “combined”.

In here:

and in here:

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I’m not going to mess up all my data to test this but I think that you can achieve this already by modifying the settings for all activities to take HR as a priority for Time In Zones.

Don’t forget to update activities for the change to take effect.
Combined will respect the priority you have set, so all activities with HR should be quantified with HR Time in Zones.
Not 100% sure, but probably that will give you what you want.


Yeahh I won’t do it either.
I think this option will affect “training load” as the name of the config suggests : Training Load Priority. It’s not what I want.
I just want to see the TID on the Totals and in the week as well the respectively classifications (Pol, Pyr, Thre, etc…) on both optionally based only on HR.
The TID data is already there and the option to classify according should be doable (but I’m not a programmer of any kind :slight_smile: ).
As the saying : asking doesn’t cost…


There is both Training Load Priority and Time In Zones Priority. Only change the second one and Training Load will not be impacted.
It will take some time to recalculate all the activities and that is why I don’t want to test it. What you are trying to do is wrong anyway and the screenshot with the planned week above has nothing to do with Polarized Training. That week plan violates all the basic rules for polarized…


That’s only a screen shot of David’s announcement of the new features on the calendar …