Notes sync with strava

Is it possible to sync the Strava description into Notes when first sync’d. I prefer to add notes into Strava about ride, but its useful to see them in as well.

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Annoyingly Strava doesn’t push out an update notification when the description is edited. So will have the “original” activity without description until you “sync with Strava”. I might be able to work around this by adapting the “poll for new activities” that gets done when you visit the app to also look for updated descriptions.

Unfortunately the “poll for activities” call doesn’t return description. So I won’t be able to do this. If I add description then people will complain that sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. If they have done a manual sync they will have it otherwise not. :frowning:

I am also disappointed with the limited usefulness of Strava webhooks. Sounds like they had a bigger picture 3 years ago:

We want app owners to be able to know when athletes change an activity title, upload photos, etc., and that will all be possible with our new webhooks system.