No more email notifications for best of season

Recently I have stopped getting the “Nice Ride!” emails when I hit a PR for the season. I don’t remember changing any settings and I don’t see the emails in my junk folder either.

Anyone else having this issue recently?


Yes I have one other report about that. Will look into it.

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Thank you!

In theory this is fixed now. Tx for the report.

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I received the proper email today after reaching some season best power numbers so I would say it is working.

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Same issue here. I did get an email on Sunday for my best 5s, 10s and 15s, but didn’t get one yesterday for my 5min pb. Same last thursday (3th of june) I didn’t get an email for a new 60s PB. Seems to be a bit hit and miss at the moment. Do love the site though!!

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I think I know what the issue is with yours. If multiple activities load at the same time they are analysed newest first and the emails are only sent for the most recent activity. I should probably just change the order to analyse oldest first.

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Very cool that these now work for different activity types. I have a low key request for minor improvement - would it be possible for the email subject to reflect the activity type? E.g. This morning I got an email for running power seasons bests, but the email subject was “Nice ride!”. Would be really nice if that was “Nice run!” or similar.

I have never received such an email, yet I have crossed some threshold in this period. do you need to set something? or is it automatic?

Check your Email Notifications in the /settings page

I set everything up