No longer getting maintenance reminder emails

I was receiving these emails regularly but in the last month or so they’ve stopped. TBC, I’m referring to the emails that Intervals would send out once a maintenance interval had elapsed.

Anyone having the same issue or know of a fix?

I can see reminders being sent to other people in the logs. The last one was sent to you on 28th October. Did you reset the reminder after that? It needs to be reset before it will trigger again.

I have added a note to the email:

Remember to reset reminders if you want to receive more of these emails in future!

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Hi David,

Yes, I’ve reset the reminders a few times since I stopped receiving the emails. Specifically, I’m referring to the chain waxing/lubing reminders that I have. And the issue does seem to cover both bikes. Happened again just this week.

I know I still have that sealant reminder that I haven’t reset yet (because I still need to add that :grimacing:). Possible that not resetting it is causing the other reminders to not trigger the emails?

Oof. Nevermind. Just figured out that a server side junk filter was catching these emails before they even got to my mail app.

User error!

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Resurrecting this because I just got a distance-based reminder email this morning (Wednesday) when my last activity was Sunday.

So it would appear that at the minimum there is a delay in when this reminder is triggered and when the reminder email is actually sent. Any fix possible?

I found this line in the logs:

2023-03-14 21:28:34 StravaSyncService : Athlete i53523 upsertStravaActivity not the same, updating 8705420056

So it looks like that activity changed after Sunday and that triggered the reminder email send. Did it maybe get longer?

Did the ride get longer? No.

I do have ActivityFix setup on my Strava to force it to assign my trainer bike to trainer rides, but that’s set to run 1 minute after it’s uploaded. Would that somehow be causing the issue?

I doubt it. I am not sure why that mail was delayed :frowning:

Well, thank you for looking into it. I appreciate all of your efforts