New field "StrideLength" for runners

Hi David,

I am new to the group but love your app!!!

Is it possible for runners to add a new field StrideLength as one of the Garmin Running Dynamics.

It’s formula should be: stride length (m) = speed (km/h) / { cadence(spm)*60/1000 }.

P.S. For running cadence is always used as Steps Per Minute (spm) instead of Rounds Per Minute (rpm) with spm = 2 x rpm, so a normal running cadence is 180 steps per minute.

It would be nice if there could be a running cadence in spm next to a cycling cadence in rpm.

Thanx in advance.

Arno Baels (NL)

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You do know that you can chart the Stride Length?
There is however not a “Field” available as far as I can see.

Tx. There is a stride length field under cadence:

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 17.35.39

Unfortunately the rpm isn’t doubled up for runs. Still need to do that.

Thanks all for the responses. I have found both the stride value David is talking about, which is the average stride of the complete run, and I added the Stride for the chart.

But I am interested in investigating my stride length for each interval to evaluate my stride length for different paces. So I want to add it as a field at the Interval Data page but there it is not available as far as I can see:

Tnx again, Arno Baels

Aha. I have added that:

David, I appreciate your very quick response !!!
That’s is exactly what I needed to see how my cadence and/or stride changes when I am getting tired after a long run.

Tnx again, Arno

P.S. No priority, but is it still possible to get a runners cadence with steps per minute instead of rounds per minute (or is it even possible to create your own formula field so I can multiply it by 2 myself?)

I do have running steps instead of cadence on the list. I am also planning to add support for custom fields.