Need Help Establishing Swim Zones in Workout Generator

Hi! This app is awesome and way better than TrainingPeaks. Definitely going start a monthly contribution.

Quick question: how can I get my swim zones to appear like the run and bike zones? I have set my swim paces in settings for swim, bike, and run and the run and bike workout generator is perfect. However, my swim generated workout has just black boxes for the zones, which is how my run zones looked before I setup the zones in settings. Sorry if this is a super obvious question, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.


I use for swim the following writting:

  • 0.2km Z2 Pace
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That did it! Thanks very much!

I actually have another swim-related question so I figure I’ll use this thread instead of starting a new one. What is the meaning of the green line in the pace chart? How is it generated?

It doesn’t seem to follow either my actual average pace or my planned workout.

Good question, should be something related with “planned workout pace” because every time it goes up or down is after a good rest. Do you have the screenshot of that “planned workout” just to compare with overlap?

Yes it is supposed to be pace from the planned workout but I suspect that might not work too well for swims. Swim traces are reconstructed from the length data in the fit file.

Yeah I figured this out. I had some planned rests in the format:

- 400 yd at Z3 pace
- 120 s at 0%

And the rest period did odd things to the green line. I redid it by just doing -120 s at Z1 and resting during those two minutes since Z1 goes all the way down to 0. It looked better after that.