Multisport (Brick, Triathlon, Swimrun, etc) activities imported as one

Hi, I did look around but it seems no one reported this. My Garmin multisport activities are being imported as one single activity, rather than the way Strava imports that show each sport as an activity. I guess I’d prefer to have it split?

Multisport is not supported for the moment :frowning:

@CEscorcio is correct. I have that on the todo list and some sample files.

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While you’re at the multisport feature, can you create an activity type called “Triathlon” so that races can be properly labelled, instead of as ‘workout’. Tnx.

I did implement that some while back. Now you should get one activity per sport.

I still don’t see a “triathlon” activity type. For example if I try to add a race event to the calendar, there is no “triathlon” type. Am I missing it?

No unfortunately no Triathlon activity type yet.

I suppose something is wrong with multisport activity import. I have made a WarmUp part (around 4 km) and then switched to different run type (the first type of running have not supported some watch screen I wanted to have) and run 6,7 km on Workout. Unfortunately on calendar I see only the last activity (6,7 km). What is funny, in activity details the whole training charts are OK. Only distance is from the last part.


Oh. Activity was imported from Suunto App.

That file has 2 running sessions and was use the distance from the 2nd. I have fixed this (they are now summed) and will deploy later today.

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It’s fixed now. Unfortunately I had to do “Reprocess file” and you interval edits were lost.

What’s the status of this?
The swim, bike, and run uploaded fine from Garmin but the transitions between each discipline are lost.

What would be the best way to handle the transitions?

Personally, I classify them as runs.

Ok. Transitions now become runs with name “Transition”. If you download the fit file for your tri, delete the activities and upload it you should see the transitions:

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Transition i would care as just “workout”, because i don’t want the pace (because you will stop to take off the swinsuit, helmet on and so on…). Just the total time of the transition

Thanks, mate!

Fair point. They are kind of a Commute Run. :laughing:

A question, don’t know if it’s possible when we hover with mouse the “Transition” icon to say Transition instead Run? Thanks

I am going to add Transition (and a few others) as activity types. I just need to make sure that won’t cause any issues with Strava (which doesn’t have those).

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I have added “Transition”. You can change existing runs that are transitions by clicking the activity type icon on the detail page.


Thanks for the new activity and the icon looks a good one for it.

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