Multiple Tabs in Fitness Charts

I was wondering whether I should start a new thread, but I thought it may fit better in here.

Is there a way to make a copy of a chart? See example in the screenshot, I created a chart for bike HRmax. I would like to create now a similar chart for running HRmax, to use in the running tab. As far as I know the only way to do that is to create a new chart from scratch.

I was wondering if there could be a way to make a copy of that chart, and then I would only need to change the activity filters and the title to have it ready for running, instead of having to create a completely new chart.

You would (currently) have to create a new chart, as the activity filter is done on the chart, and not the page. It’s not a bad thing, and I’m sure it will be used by others.

Yep, I agree that it’s probably good to create a new chart, I was simply thinking that it would be good to have a quick way to create a new chart that is very similar to a previous one (as in creating a copy of the previous chart and then making modification to that copy).

Agree with the option to copy a chart, and make changes. I’m sure you can do it by adding a chart, then changing the filters.

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I, too, would like the option for different time ranges for tabs, so I can glance on a yearly or monthly range and fitness. Thanks for the update! :+1:t2:


Really cool. Echoing others, my initial thoughts of uses for various tabs:

  1. Same charts, different date ranges
  2. Same dates, same charts but spread out across tabs
  3. Same charts, different activities, same or different date ranges

I like the quick date selectors to overcome the same date range for all tabs problem (people will be split as to which is better). Need to figure out how to choose them. I could just use the most recently selected options from the date picker (last 42 days, last year etc.)?

I need to do some work on the custom charts side similar to how it works elsewhere on The list of checkboxes in options runs out of space quickly. Then I will do duplicating charts.


Having the ability to Duplicate/Copy an existing Tab (and obviously all of its charts) would be great. I am setting up tabs for individual sports, so some might find this helpful.


Maybe an option to use javascript for the dates? For stuff like: x days in the past/future that will adjust each day accordingly

You asked about the WKO vs Intervals data analytics. At a point in time, the quadrant analysis wasn’t available in Intervals, but it is there now. The rate at which stuff is being added to Intervals is unbelievable, so the gap between the two tools is closing.

Steve Neal (FTL forum host) gave some good advice with analytical tools, and I’ve learnt to use WKO, Intervals as well as Xertonline, and they each have their own good points. No perfect system, just a different way to view data.

Here’s the post from David with the Quadrant Analysis chart showing. It’s great tool to show the athlete how their power and cadence relationship is, during a ride; base period has some low cadence, high force.

Therefore it’s important to understand where to find the different charts, as some are workout based (only shows against a workout) and other’s are athlete based (shows on the fitness tab).


I implemented Gerald’s date tabs idea. The most recently selected quick date ranges (42 days, 1 month, 3 months etc. as well as seasons) are displayed on the toolbar as chips. Click these to quickly change the date range:


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Hi David,

On an IPhone altering the range (chips) of one tab does alter the others tab too.


The chips don’t show up on small screens. There isn’t enough space. You need to use the date selector.

Should the date for each tab be different … because when I change the date, it changes on both tabs. :thinking:

All date ranges will be the same across the tabs.

Hi David,

Could we have a second set of buttons, perhaps for +42 days and + 3months, so we can easily view the impact of scheduled training over the coming weeks? This is a function I find rather useful.



The buttons change as you select different periods. It shows the last 6 that you selected.

At least that’s my observation when playing around with each period.

Actually I can see two.
But the one I choose on any tab will apply to the other.

On my desktop i see six Buttons,too.
The date area (buttons) was used similarly to the WKO, see suggestion 13/40 vom 16.05.2023