Monthly Max in custom charts

I just discovered that custom charts support best power values over any given duration, which is one feature I really like in TrainingPeaks and WKO4. Especially the “recent weeks” and “recent months” table is one thing I use often, but a good chart would work as well!

Right now we have the option to use the value as is or to use a weekly max, weekly avg or monthly avg. There is no “monthly max” though. Would it be possible to add this as an option? I don’t have weekly all-out efforts but over any given month this would be amazing to spot trends, esp. over longer durations.


I added “Monthly max”. Note that there was already a “Max for the last n days” aggregate. I have a best power chart with that set at 42 days:


Very nice David, thank you for looking into this! I totally missed that the “max” option allowed for a days parameter.

The max, moving average and so on didn’t always support configurable days. I think I added that a few months ago.