"Merge" shortcut merges multiple intervals

Reporting a weird behaviour :slight_smile:

Starting with a number of intervals

I want to merge 1st and 2nd; I hover the first interval, press โ€œMโ€ and the outcome is that 1st, 2nd and 3rd intervals are merged:

Looks like something is wrong when using the M-key to merge. @david
If you pull one of the sides of the interval to right or left until you reach an adjacent interval, it works correctly.

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Not sure if youโ€™ve seen this before it got buried @david :slight_smile:

This is happening to me but unpredictably. Sometimes it merges the next 5 intervals together, sometimes 3. Itโ€™s almost like it thinks the M key is being held down? But Iโ€™m very carefully only pressing it once. Clicking the merge button seems to exhibit the same behavior too

Pulling the sides of the interval isnโ€™t working either unfortunately

Just replying to bump this topic: Iโ€™m still seeing the reported behaviour today.

I think I just fixed this bug. It was hard to reproduce but I did spot a problem in the code. Bump this topic if it happens again.