Matching activities with different distances?

Here’s an “issue” with our beloved and wonderful;-) … on matching activities loaded from different sources, i.e., RGT–>Strava and TR–>dropbox.

I record my TrainerRoad (TR) indoor sessions using both the TR software as well as RGT/Wahoo X (free), the latter to get a reasonable physics-model based distance.
(SN: The TR distances are “bogus” as they correspond to the flywheel speed of the trainer and the virtual “size” I put it. Longer discussion possible (and available on the TR forum), but that’s not for discussion here.)

Now, the RGT data is uploaded to Strava and the TR data is placed on Dropbox. correctly picks up both.
However, it does not, or not always, recognize these being the same activity. Maybe because the differences are too different?
However, I’d like to have the TR activity data in, as only this data has the laps and sometimes also L/R info (depending on bike setup). But I’d also like to have the Strava link in that same activity;-) And not cut Strava dot begin with for other activities to be transferred to
Any improvements possible to that end? … by or myself?

@David, one example are the two activities from yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

Edit: I would be happy to do the merging manually, e.g., as can be done between activity and planned workout by dragging the latter over the former – maybe this could also be “enabled” for two activities?

Just an idea…
What happens if you completely remove speed/distance data from the TR file?
If it is a FIT file, you can do that with as a test.
If things are OK when you do that, search the TR app for a possibility to ignore speed and not record it to the activity file.

Okay, tried this idea of @MedTechCD, thanks!
Used to create a GPX with distance removed (GPX has no speed to begin with AFAIU) and uploaded that to –> this was immediately/automatically matched with the Strava activity by;-)

Thus, the speed/distance seems to be the culprit for the non-matching – and ignoring that for matching could be an option;-)

It has the drawback of now not having any speed in – while the Strava speed would be a “perfect solution”, but that’s not so important here…

I’ll also investigate in how far I can have TR write FIT files without distance/speed, but I fear that’s not possible… will ask on their forum, nevertheless.

Yes the distance needs to be similar for the activities to be considered the same. Maybe I should only consider the time? The activities have to start close to each other so not much chance of a false positive.

I am getting a NullPointerException on your calendar now. It has having a problem processing the latest Strava activity. I will look at that tonight.

Thanks, @david !
Checking only for similar start time, and maybe a somewhat similar duration, should be sufficient;-)

Re the Strava null pointer: Started after the test I did, I believe when I undeleted the Strava activity after removing the manual upload. Thank you for checking already in advance! :slight_smile:

I fix the NPE and have relaxed the “same activity” check to consider only time and not distance. Will deploy Thurs AM (GMT+2).

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@david, have two more activities were Strava and Dropbox were not matched by, Tuesday and Wednesday, I deactivated power, Hr, etc. on one of them…

I would be happy if I could simply fix this manually when it occurs, maybe in a way as manually assigning planned workouts to activities (drag and drop), maybe you also have a better idea?:wink:

Its annoying that sometimes it works and sometimes not. I would just delete the ones from Strava.

@david, the one thing that stops me from doing (delete) this is that I want to keep the Strava link in the activity “file” on
I’ve put it into Notes (both the Strava description (top right) and the social notes (bottom right) and neither one are /clickable/… yes, I know I can still copy and paste into another browser tab/window;-)

But maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to allow for manually adding a Strava link to any activity – then I could truly simply delete the (duplicating) Strava download in Any thoughts on that?

Ok please don’t delete those. I am going to try figure out why they didn’t match.

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