Mark planned workout as done

If you completed a workout but for some reason don’t have a recorded activity for it you can now mark it as done:

That red cross is a tad annoying if you did the workout! So click it and choose “Mark Done” at the bottom of the dialog:

This will create a matching manual activity:

And now its all green!


Awesome, thanks!

If I use this, then I don’t actually have to do the workouts, right?


It would be handy to have the ability to mark a manual activity as Done at the same time as the activity is created. This would save steps (especially if said activity is in a previous season).

On that note, I’m trying to create a manual activity with a date prior to all uploaded activities. I’ve done this multiple times but it does not show in Activity calendar when viewed as a list nor in the Fitness graph. But it does show in the Activity calendar when viewed grapicaly. Bug?

Hmm, Activity calendar List mode only shows manually added activities if they are marked as done. Is this a bug or by design? If the latter, please explain either the logic behind the behaviour or what I’m failing to do in order to view such an activity. Cheers.

What’s also curious is that I can’t find a way to mark a manual activity as Race, Commute, or Trainer until after creating the workout, finding it in Activity Calendar view, marking it as done then in either Calendar or List view opening the Activity and clicking to edit the name. has planned workouts and activities. Activities can be manually created separately from planned workouts. So no need to make a planned workout and then mark it as done:

The activity list view only shows activities, not planned workouts. This is by design but I will probably extend it to showing planned workouts as well at some point.

You should be able to create a manual activity with load etc for any date in the past.

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Gotcha. Clearly, I’m still wrapping my head around the distinction between planned and manual.

However, when creating a manual activity, would it be possible to have Race, Commute, and Trainer as options in addition to the Indoor checkbox?

Will do. You can add those fields as columns on the activity list view and update your manual activities there.

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