Manually added activities

You can now create manual activities for unrecorded stuff. These are also downloaded from Garmin Connect and Strava if you create them there.

Add a calendar entry by clicking on a blank area of the calendar or the plus button on the toolbar. Choose an activity type:

Then change “Workout” to “Manual activity” in the category drop down and complete the other fields:

The new activity will appear on the calendar (in grey because it doesn’t have heart rate or power data):


Hi @david,

I’m very interested by this feature.

I’m trying to add a manual “Weight Training” activity.
Whatever time I put (e.g. 12:00), I’ve got “Invalid moving time” error shown.

Can you also make “distance” value optional for “wright training” workouts?

PS : My goal is mainly to be able to get a “Load” value for these weight training activities, without having to create them in Strava/Garmin.

Many hanks !

Ah you probably need to us 12m instead of 12:00 for time. I must fix that. Will make distance optional.

Thank you!
Also it seems that the Load appearing in the activity after creating it is always 0. It written: Load 0 (25). So it is not counting in my Weekly load.

It is only counting towards fatigue and not fitness (because weight training isn’t cardio). You can control this in /settings:

Thank you so much!


My manually added activities don’t seem to be counting towards my weekly load or showing up in my fitness graph. Any idea why please? e.g. I added one on Tuesday after a Zwift failure.

It’s making me look fresher than I am!


Hmm I don’t see one on Tuesday? So long as they have training load captured they should show up on your fitness graph.

Yeah, I’ve added a load. Weird you can’t see it…it’s there:

Aha … thats a planned workout and not a manual activity. I had “show past planned workouts” off so I couldn’t see it at first.

Unfortunately you can’t convert a workout into a manual activity yet (on the todo list) so you need to add a new manual activity and delete that one:

Ok, sorted thanks.

I hadn’t realised that leaving the default category as ‘Workout’ meant that it was a planned workout. Thanks.

I have a planned weightlifting workout with my sets/reps etc in it. Once I do it, I can create a new manual entry, but then I need to copy all my info. Is it easy to add the “Manual Activity” option in the “edit calendar entry” dropdown in addition to the “add calendar entry”? Then I could just edit → select manual and be done!

Thats a good idea. I just added it to the list.

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