Mail Deliverability - Spam Folder

I am a Gmail user, and the activation email went to my Spam folder. I suspect the sending IP might have a bad reputation or something? I clicked “Report as not spam”, but I’m sure that isn’t going to fix it for others. Just FYI!

Thanks for the “not spam” report. Google very likely use that as a signal. Mail delivery is an ongoing problem, lots of places just outright reject. It seems that choosing an .icu domain wasn’t the best for email delivery. I am going to experiment with sending from a normal .com as soon as I can get some time.

I have the same problem:
bounced (host[] said: 550 5.2.0 cnpCncaKvcBRn Mail rejete. Mail rejected. OFR_506 [506] (in reply to end of DATA command))

Please try log a support ticket with them. There isn’t any info there for me to follow up on (often they include a link to a “my mail is not spam” site).

My mail is at iCloud and since yesterday mails from are being delivered to the SPAM folder.

It are specific mails about following people

I don’t know if it just me or that some mail DNS records are not being setup correctly

I just checked and the one I received yesterday is all good according to Google.

|SPF:|PASS with IP Learn more|
|DKIM:|'PASS' with domain Learn more|
|DMARC:|'PASS' Learn more|

Is this problem continuing?

Got this today, maybe DNS spreading around.

Tx. That is an issue with the forum emails that started recently. I will sort it out.

I fixed that. Mails now come from