Laps not imported

Laps are not imported from Strava for this activity:

and doesnt allow me to manually add intervals (using “A”) either. Cant figure out what parameter to set to fix this. Tx for taking a look.

That activity doesn’t have power or HR data, only pace which is why it isn’t working. I will fix that tonight. Tx for the report.

Thank you

It’s sorted now. Will deploy Wed AM (GMT+2). The laps are used to make intervals for workouts with pace (like for HR).

This is live now. I also sorted out the interval summary so pace only intervals are displayed:

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 06.59.29

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 06.59.48

@david, thank you very much for the speedy response and fix. I do a bit of pace-based intervals, so this is very helpful. If you have the time, please look at:

These are also pace-based intervals, but they are labeled as time-based by (probably because HR is present). This is not incorrect, but I would prefer pace-based as that is what I am targeting. So … I wonder if there is a way to manually change the basis for the intervals from time to pace (or even cadence).

This is not a priority issue, tx much for your time

I will sort that out. Knew it would come up but didn’t have time to do first up. I wonder if the simplest solution is to just use pace if pace zones and threshold pace have been setup for the sport? I can show HR as well on the activity detail page but use pace for the summary info displayed on the calendar.

Ok I swapped it. If you are using HR and have pace zones setup for the sport for an activity then it uses pace for the interval summary info on the calendar page and for the activity details page.

Thanks very much for the nice solution. It looks great.

I was away for a few days, hence the delay in replying.

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