Keep description from planned workout when marking done


I am using to plan some (p)rehab workouts in order to keep in mind when I do plan to do them around my other activities. I do not record them with any device because there is no real point in getting data for those activities, so I simply “mark done” the planned workout once I am finished.

The issue I have is that the list of exercises that I have specified in the description field of the workout is not automatically kept (the created manual activity is blank, only the type and duration of the workout are kept).
Is there a way you could automatically (or at least have the option to) have the description filled in as well from the workout?

(I do see the description is accessible when I click on the paired workout below the activity, but it seems a little strange as it is text only and not a sequence of power targets as for a cycling workout for example)

I have made that change and will deploy Wed AM (GMT+2).

Amazing! Thanks :slight_smile:

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