Is best 5 min power cumulative or one off?

I got the “Nice Ride” email on sunday with a new * Best power for the season: 260w for 5m!

However I did not ever ride 5m @ 260w, rather did a series of over/unders with a number of 1min intervals at 260w.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug?

Link to the activity:



I believe this will be correct behaviour.

You will have achieved a new seasons best average power for 5 minutes whilst completing your over/unders. If you take a look at the power curve for your ride then you will be able to see if the power curve lines up with the seasons best power curve at 5 minutes.

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@Calum_Young is correct, tx.

Here I zoom to a 7min section with 250w avg power:,2537

thanks, I’m pleasantly surprised!

I can’t see the activity, but I assume you averaged 260W for 5min at some point.
Depending on your phenotype you may find much easier to break thru (or push the envelope) with shorter intervals and little recovery, rather than a single interval.

Thanks but I’m happy with my training plans, not looking to change that.

It was over unders, but I’ve worked out why its higher than I thought. I paired Zwift to the kickr which has over read compared to my P1 pedals.