Intervasl Tab not returning results

Hi Folks
How does this tab work? I can’t get it to show me anything.
As an example, I know on March 12th 2021 I did 2 x 12 @ 325 at the end of a session.
I have filtered to include that but the tab returns nothing at all ?
How do I get this to work?

Use 12m iso 12.
You need to specifieke the units of time

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Yup :upside_down_face:

A good way to learn it, is to play with the “Add step”. This way, I learned how to plan with the correct formatting. At a certain point, you will create your training only by writing instead of filling out cases and this gets very convenient :grinning:

You can also select an interval on the activity timeline chart and then click the search button:

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Perfect. That’s a great feature I didn’t realise was there.
Would it be possible though to make it so that clicking on those ‘dots’ on the Intervals tab brings you to the corresponding activity? When the dots are closely bunched as in the screenshot below it is next to near impossible to drag the mouse down in an exact vertical line so that I can select an interval and be brought to that activity. Thanks.

The workouts from the same activity, will appear in a straight line (vertically). The higher the intensity, the less there should be adjacent to each other.

Perhaps what is needed is a date range selection, instead of the previous 90, 180, 460, 730 days.

That page needs a complete rework. Its something I really want to get done soon.