records duplicate data every time

When I work out with zwift, I usually double log, at which point the garmin watch records both activity, which ensures that my exercise intensity and vo2 data is updated.
At the end of the workout, on one hand the zwift data is synced to, and on the other hand the Garmin watch data is pushed to The exercise time for both data is the same, first the zwift sync, and next in the garmin sync.
Why can’t recognize duplicate data? I’ve manually deleted duplicate data many times yin the past month

I know when I dual record the speed and distance data is often different because my garmin doesn’t recognize the inclines in zwift. Same time, same power, but the other day I rode in Innsbruck and zwift said 44 miles with 4,800 ft of climbing, while garmin said 59 miles on the flat. I don’t know if you see similar things on large climbs, but that could be part of the problem

For Zwift and some few others you no longer need to do that once now Garmin Connect will pass the True Up for them too.

I know the latest update of Garmin workouts.html
According to the article a lot of comments, zwift pushes data to Garmin and calculates exercise pressure and vo2 data, such method is not reliable, only a small number of people succeed. So I still choose to double record
For the problem of duplicate data, I think as long as the time of two data records, for example, both are 7:00am duration 1h, it is considered the same data can be, of course, we should also consider a certain error, for example, set about 1min

How are you getting the data from Zwift to 2nd question if there is a dup which activity do you want to keep? The Zwift one?

Just stop Zwift from syncing to Garmin. If your watch is recording power and HR then your load, recovery and VO2max in Garmin will be “accurate”. However, I have found that those Garmin numbers are garbage.

  1. I use rungap to sync zwift data to
  2. because the distance and slope of zwift data is what I actually move, so I keep the zwift data in, except for the virtual ride, the rest of the data I keep from garmin connect.
    I use garmin watch to record all sports, including running, cycling, rowing, strength training, only virtual ride and rungap synchronized zwift data duplicate, seems to be unable to identify duplicate data at the same time, so I manually delete the garmin virtual ride data on intervlas every time

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For me, zwift data means more accurate distance, speed, and incline. I don’t use zwift to sync to Garmin connect, I use rungap to sync zwift data to