Intervalls shifted

Have an issue with my todays intervall workout. In the analysis the 2nd part of the workout it is shifted acc. to workout programm. In garmin everything is right…

There is a 40s gap in the activity data at around 26:30. The pace stream generated from the planned workout doesn’t have that gap and so is shifted over from that point onwards. I haven’t managed to figure out a way to fix this yet :frowning:

Mh, maybe, i can’t say for sure , because of an automatic stop :pause_button:at a red light. shouldn’t the planed intervall pause as well? How is the 2nd part to correct/compare? shifting will move the complete workout

The problem is that I don’t know if you were continuing running or not. How do I know to shift when there is a gap in the recording or not … its tricky. Probably best to just disable auto pause when doing workouts if possible.


Don’t understand why standing or walking is relevant during a break. IMHO a pause is a break in the record and should affect both the plan and the recorded metrics. If I deactivate autopause, the program continues to run even though I’m standing at the traffic light, for example. the result would be similar to the problem described, since the interval simply expires while you have to wait. but well, I’ll just try to use traffic light loose routes or hope it will be during the recovery phase and i will use the PRESS LAP with longer set time.

I’ve said this a couple of times before. Autopause messes up your metrics. W´ and HRrecovery are two that come immediately to mind. It should always be disabled in my opinion.
If you want avg speed displayed without stops, use moving time and speed.


:+1:t3: will try, thx