Interval HR zones?

Beginner here - loving the site/functionality so far, who needs to pay for Strava when you have this? :wink:

I have a ride on Strava with a warmup, effort and cooldown and I isolated the workout as an interval. Is it possible to view e.g the HR zones from this interval without the need to split the workout in Strava? Activity HR apparently works as named (on the whole activity).

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I have a Garmin 530, and use the the lap button for marking parts of the ride.
For example with a tempo ride I do the warmup and when I start tempo portions, I push the lap button, and again push the lap button when the cool down starts.

In the Intervals these 3 parts can be shown in the activities page by selecting: Actions-Use Laps.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’ve done that and that reset the interval to pretty much what I had but what would be the way to see e.g. the HR Zones for just that tempo-interval. If I go to the “Activity HR” it appears to cover the whole activity and I can’t see a selector for a particular interval

Not really sure what you want to accomplish with that :thinking:
You could go to Interval Data and setup the columns for Min, Max and Avg HR if that is what you are looking for.

I have the warmup, tempo and cooldown on separate laps but I’m really just interested in the tempo-interval and I’d like to view the “HR time in zones” for just that interval instead of the whole activity which I get from the “Activity HR”.

I guess I could crop on Strava and reload if there is no other way…

Unfortunately you can’t do that at the moment. Need to think about how it might work. I didn’t consider people doing “intervals” long enough to need that to be honest.

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Well, I have an half hour transition to the group ride, a 1:55 effort and a half hour back so I’m not sure if “interval” is correct, more of a lap/segment :wink:

But it would be nice if there would be a dropdown on the “Activity HR” where you could pick a defined interval.

One would guess that the view operates on the datapoints between 0…max and an interval is a start and a stop point within that range so it would essentially be a subset.

Ah, segments. Now it makes sense. Could be added value to have them in those cases. Probably not easy to implement, but david keeps surprising me daily :wink: