Interval creation on IPad

Hi, is it possible to create intervals on a completed ride on an IPad ?
Many thanks, Rich.

Don’t know specifically for an iPad but on a mobile device you point and hold a place in the data part of the graph until a vertical line appears and stays. Then you click on Add interval at the bottom and you drag the edges of the created interval.


Fantastic many thanks. Apologies for v delayed response.


I can’t get that to work on an iPhone IOS/Chrome.
I would appreciate any additional tips.

Thank you

Works on iPhone /Safari but have not tested on Chrome.

It works for me on iOS (Safari and Chrome).
It works following the method mentioned by @MedTechCD

Zoom in to area for interval
Press and hold until line appear (pop up message with cut, paste, etc) shows

Scroll to bottom, click on add interval

Interval appear, and you can scroll back to the top to edit the start time, duration and end point.

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Hi, tks for the help.
I was able to create an interval on my own activities but not on friend that I help which I can using the desktop…

The trick I is that I was confusing the vertical line (current position) with the one that in fact initiate the creation of the interval. It takes a while even after the vibration and “cut, past, etc” message appears and there is no need to zoom.

But there should be something else happening with permissions or similar.

Thank you

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I zoom to see the details a bit easier (iPhone 11). :blush:

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Please message me the name of your friend. Tx.

Hi David,

Henrico Donatelli