Intensity for planned workouts

Intensity is now calculated for planned workouts with training load and duration. So now plotting chronic intensity load and so on works for your plan as well as past workouts.


That’s a very long climb. Iseran? Télégraphe - Galibier? :sunglasses:

I wish! I did some of those a few years back :slight_smile: Need to get back to the Alps!


Me too :sunglasses:

hey people! new here, experimenting with intervals and loving it…

was importing some workouts to the library and noticed that the intensity is not displayed anywhere else, if not planned, right? like, it’s not on the library list nor in the workout details/edit.

am i missing something?

Tx. Thats a bit of an oversight. It is displayed if you add a workout to a calendar and click on it but I need to make it show up elsewhere. Just need to figure out where to put it!

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first of all, what you are doing here is pure awesomeness…

probably the library popup will need some extra width, or gain the possibilty to expand, just like the workout editor/details.

in fact, to be something quick now, the editor is a good and needed space for it anyway. it is useful to see the information live while you create/edit.

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Tx. I do have a todo list item to make the library expand to be full screen, show previews of workouts like on the calendar and so on.

I will find somewhere for intensity tm.

I just added it to the column of stats on the right above NP etc.