Incorrect running pace data shown

Not sure what is going on but the pace data is not displaying correctly for runs, or seems to cap at 11:54min/km when I have started walking between intervals (there is power data). The confusing thing is it displays in the same way if I come to a complete standstill after an interval (should read 00:00 but reads 11:54). See walking and standstill screengrabs attached. Might have something to do with pace data coming from Stryd pod - although other platforms are displaying it correctly.

Hmm. uses 1.75 x the average pace for the run (in seconds/km or mile etc.) as slowest it will display on the chart. Anything slower than that is capped at that value. The goal is for more vertical space to be available for the interesting part of the pace range (when you were running and not walking or stopped).

Ah I see, this is a challenge. As a trail runner you may hit a vertical section hiking at as slow as 30min/km and then be descending a jeep track at 4min/km (crazy range!). Is it possible to not show it on the graph, but have it accurately display the real-time pace on the left side of the axis?

Yes that is what I need to do. Unfortunately its quite a bit of work.