Improving HealthFit-intervals.isu wellness-data integration

HealthFit is my one-stop solution for connecting Apple Heath with Maybe we can use this thread to request and discuss feature updates regarding wellness data exchange, i.e., also with @slizeray, in one place ?

Now, for a start I have an issue with synchronization of “historic” wellness data, e.g., weight or body fat, from the other day:-o

I am using a Withing body scale and in order to propagate the data to Apple Health I essentially have to open Withings Health Mate app and “force synchronize” once or many times, sometimes the synchronization to Appel health will even only work ours later. On busy days, that often does not happen, and the data from the scale is propagated to Apple Health only after a few days, when I get back to it.

Now, while current data from Apple health is nicely propagated to, this does not work (for me) for this older data – which I then eventually have to manually update in
I believe/have the feeling, this is to the fact that HealthFit does not overwrite any data in and here already transferred the data from the last-known-measurement day to these apparently-no-measurement days… Is that right?
If so, could we get the option for HealthFit to update all wellness data in when the values differ?
Or can it somehow be flagged/kept in mind, that “day-to-day transferred” data can still be overwritten?

Or is there a different issue at hand altogether?

Checking a bit more I realize that HealthFit wellness data, or at least weight and weight-based data, is not uploaded for previous days at all(?).
@slizeray , could this be changed/improved?