Improvement of Edit Data

There is a time counter starting at 0, but what is the actual time?

I suggest the workout timestamp is added or replace the Time-value.

I also suggest it should be able to move fast forward/backward in the data samples. The fast forward/backward controls are not good. You have to click repeatly on those in order to move forward/backward. Better would a slider dragging view of data.

It would also be nice if you set the marker on some point in data charts, and when selecting Edit Data, the actual data values are displayed.

These are good ideas and now on the todo list. The “Edit data” option does start at the current zoom position so if you zoom in first it is easier.

You have probably seen it already but just in case the “Fix data” option supports applying a function to power or HR data which is useful for filling in big gaps etc.

I didn’t know the zoom position was the first data point. It really helps.
Thank for information.