Importing Strava files (gpx/original fit)


dont know if its a bug in strava or intervals. When uploading a previously downloaded file from strava data is missing or misaligned.
Using original file export (fit) I get rarely any heartrate displayed. Using the gpx export the pace alternates between a value and zero.

Does anyone knows how to circumvent this? Is there an option to fix pace data like HR, Alt, Power?

Thanks in advance!

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Do you have the real original file i.e. before upload to Strava? I checked the fit file on the 14th on and it looks strange:

Hi David,

no, with original I mean the option “Export Original” in strava for downloading the file because I recorded this activity with strava cell phone app.

Interestingly is that this file has less HR infos but using “Export GPX” the HR info seems legit.

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