Import Core Body Temperature data


I’m curious if there is any way or possible to develop so we can import data from the Core Body Temperature sensor. Currently quite a lot of head units is not capable of recording the data but it can be downloaded from the Core Body Temperature Cloud site. See example file.

Can it be merged to current files within or can we import it somehow? Maybe a request easily to implement? :slight_smile:


Sample file for August 2022

Edit: Changed the file because it did not include skin temperature

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Merging traces from different files is on the todo list but tricky especially if there isn’t a common reference trace like heart rate. will pull in core temp from fit files if the head unit writes the data.

Thank you for your reply. The Core files (from the cloud) contains heart rate, maybe it could be used for tracing?

Heart rate will help merge files when that feature is added assuming it is the same in both files.

Looking for some help.

Hi David! Have you hade any chances to look into this? :smiley:

Nope not yet. There has been a big bump in new users recently and I am just trying to keep up with support and bug fixes.


let us know if we can assist in any way. From what I read there are a bunch of programmers on here (me included).

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As Hammerhead added support for Core Body Temperature Sensor last week I finally have the data in Intervals! I added a really neat chart to visualise the temperature during the ride. It shows the heat zones in a colourful way that public available for all in Intervals.

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