Import alcohol intake from HRV4Training

In the last days I’ve been drinking before sleep and noticed that my resting heart rate is higher in the following day.
This is a known consequence of alcohol which it would be cool to monitor in intervals, it could even help in motivation to reduce drinking.

The HRV4Training app has the option to monitor alcohol intake and this data is part of the .csv which it exports to dropbox. Is it possible to import this data to intervals?

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From health and your body perspective alcohol is a posion, what better motivation to at least reduce drinking do you need? :wink:

ps. higher resting hr is probably an effect of much weaker recovery during sleep after alcohol intake. It kind of makes your sleep data useless or you should divide sleep duration by 2 at least.

You can add the “Comments” field in the wellness fields to take a structured note of the units of alcohol. I know (by experience :innocent:) that alcohol intake shows in HRV.