HRV Chart And Garmin Import

I noticed today HRV Chart seem to only import activities synced from garmin not the tme when my data got downloaded from Garmin. Is this expected ?

What device are you using?

The fenix 6x for example only got HRV status late summer so this could have been when it was rolled out onto your device.

Also worth checking garmin connect and scrolling to the start to see when it first populated there (link)

Did you use the “Download All Data” option? Unfortunately HRV data isn’t included in that as far as I know. If you can get it in a CSV somehow you can use the Options → Wellness → CSV download/upload to get it into

Hi David,

Thank you for explanation. Well I guess it will populate over time when.
Yes I used “Download All Data” Option

I wonder if I now do “download wellness data” would it be merged or is CSV upload is only option ?

You can download the CSV, update it and then upload to merge with what you already have.

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Just checking in to see if the HRV data can come across from Garmin? Is a CSV file the only way? If so… how do I do this?

You need to tick the “Download wellness data” checkbox in the Garmin box in /settings.