Hr training load estimate problem

after I set my HR Training Load as Time in HR Zones in settings,it still use HRSS to produce training load and on my activity hr page,no training load error chart,anyone know what problem?

this is other‘s error chart

When you change that setting, recalculates HR training load for all your activities for the sport in the background. This can take several minutes. So it could be that.

Also the “time in zones” model needs a lot of previous activities with power and HR to build its model. Otherwise it falls back to HRSS.

thanks david

  1. So even if I select Time in HR Zones or Average Heart Rate, will still use HRSS if there is not enough activities with power and heart rate data?

  2. I still have a question: how to display the circled picture below?Since I only have heart rate but no power when riding outdoors, and both power and heart rate when riding indoor, I wanted to see the difference between hr load and power load.

Click on the load number of an activity summary. You will see the different load calculations if both a HR stream and a Power stream are present.

That HR model error chart will popup when you have enough rides with power and HR. Right now HRSS is still being used so the model plot is not displayed. However you can see the numbers if you add those columns to the activity list view:

You can also plot them on the /fitness page using a custom chart: