How/Where to Download Pre-Made RUN Workouts for Workout Library?

Hi, I’m new to And I’m absoltutely loving it. The UI is something real special and neat.

Quick question. Where can download some pre-made RUN workouts (and/or plans)? (I’m ok with paying for them.) This seems so much more efficient than creating my own standard workouts when this work has probably already been done. I would love to have lots of different pre-made workouts in my library that I can then choose from and assign to to my calendar.

(I know Trainer Day is awesome and has BIKE workouts, but I was looking for RUN workouts.)

Thanks in advance, and great job on the platform.


I’ve taken some of the workout from Final Surge training programs (specifically Steve Palladino’s) and successfully downloaded and ported them over to Intervals. The only thing I saw for those was that the power goal defaults to power=1s, but that doesn’t really affect me since I use Stryd power and not Garmin power.

You can also pull down a bunch from the 80/20 library if that’s more your style of training: 8020 Workout Library – 80/20 Endurance (

Thanks so much Timothy. With Final Surge, were you able to download the whole program and port it over in one big pile? Or did you have to export/import each one separately? (Trying to find an efficient way!)

I had to apply the program to my FS calendar and then download the individual workouts using the download button in the workout builder tab. I’m not aware of a more efficient way unfortunately.