How to plot MAF test results

So I’m starting to think about tracking MAF tests by tracking my average speed over 45min riding @ aerobic threshold. Each session tagged #MAF is 20m warmup, 45m @ AeT, 10min cooldown. I was able to plot avg speed in /compare tab for entire #MAF activities, but can’t find a way to plot only the average speed of the 45m intervals of interest without deleting warmups and cooldowns in the original activities, which I’d prefer to keep for there are part of my load. Anyway to do that?

Realizing that MAF test is done only once a month, I’ll go with truncating #MAF activities, no big deal. I’m still curious to hear about how you guys, fellow MAF disciples, track/plot your aerobic progress

You could add a custom activity field and plot that. If you label the 45m interval of interest “MAF” or something then it is easy to pick it out and get the average speed. I see yours seems to be called “Easy”:

  let iv = activity.icu_intervals.find(o => o.label === "Easy")

I added the field for you. You need to re-analyse existing activities to calculate it.

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Nothing short of Awesome, thank you KOI!! (King Of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
I have a question though, how can I change the unit from mps to kph when plotting in /fitness. Looks that it is automatic when plotted in /compare (as you defined a convert units when creating the MAF speed field I guess).

Thanks. I just fixed that bug. Tx for the report.

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Bug’s dead, seems like it still kicking a bit in the edit axis part

Yeah I know about that one, tx. Also pops up adding background zones and so on. It’s a bit of work to fix so I have kicked it down the road for a bit.

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