Hiking Power and RE

How would I write a script to have hiking power computed in WKO5 to get it plotted I use a formula as such - if(cadence>20 and cadence<70,power)

Also I would love to see RE which is done using this calculation- avg((speed/3.6)/(power/weight))

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You can do RE like this (I have already added this to your activities, look at the 4th of May run):

let wkg = activity.icu_average_watts / activity.icu_weight;
(activity.average_speed / 3.6) / wkg

Hopefully that is what you are looking for, I am not familiar with that metric.

You can’t currently create custom activity traces (to plot hiking power) but that is high up on the todo list and will get done.

I also setup some power zones for you for running. You have to have those to get power analysis for runs.

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