Half the load only for almost same activity?!


I did a lot of training this winter on my indoor bike with power meter. I also used a heart rate belt. When I did a outdoor ride to my office in this time, I got a training load of about 50. Like this:

Then I had some weeks without (or just little) riding. This week, I began riding to the office again, but for the same time, distance and effort I get just half the load now. Like this:

Can someone explain what happened there?

Thank you!

If you look on the HR page for each activity there is a chart showing how training load was estimated:

You have it set to “Time in zones” in /settings for Ride. This works well if you have lots of good (long) rides with power and HR. It’s not doing very well for you. I suggest changing to HRSS. That depends on your resting, threshold and max HR only and should give better results.

ok, thank you, I’ll give that a try!

As far as I can see for now, after changing to HRSS, the older rides with load 50+ have now 20+, too :sweat_smile: