Google Fit integration

Just a heads-up, I received an e-mail from intervals stating that my Google Fit had been disconnected. Not really sure why, and reconnecting was fairly easy of course.

Thats because you originally connected when it was still in test mode. Those tokens only last 1 week. Should be good now. Tx for the report.

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I have sorted out this issue and added a bunch of logging. Will deploy Thurs AM (GMT+2) and hopefully that will be enough to fix whatever teething problems come up.

It seems to have made things worse :sweat_smile: My sleep hasn’t synced for the last two nights.

Please try disconnect and re-connect. Sorry I meant to msg you this AM. One of your tokens was missing somehow.

It seems like the sync has broken for both me and a friend.

Hmm. It looks ok for you in the logs. It synced your stuff at 2021-07-31 03:22:56.452 last night and around 3pm the day before. No errors. What isn’t showing up?

Ah that is a bit hard to figure out now, but I had some days not showing up, but I suspect that is due to me fiddling with a different app for sleep tracking. My friend’s sync is working fine, but has to reauthorize after the testing refresh token expired.

Hi there. I just signed in to Google Fit and checked all the boxes (weight, resting HR, BP) and would like to see these data combined with my Strava data on the calendar. I’m however not seeing them - only Strava data which has been there all along.

Is there something I’m not doing right? I am particularly keen to rely on Google Fit as the datasource for weight, and BP.

Simple question: When importing health data such as Resting Heart Rate, will intervals overwrite the RHR value stored in the settings page for every day?

And, what does the changing RHR affect?

Google is saying that doesn’t have permission to read HR data:

"code": 403,
"message": "datasource not found or not readable:",
"errors": [
    "message": "datasource not found or not readable:",
    "domain": "global",
    "reason": "forbidden"

I checked and supposedly you have enabled the required scope You could try disconnect and re-connect or only choose weight and BP in and then disconnect and re-connect.

Yes the settings value is updated when new resting HR or weight data comes in. Resting HR, max HR and LTHR are used for the HRSS (Normalised TRIMP) training load calculation. Also some charts plot a % of HR reserve which is max HR - resting HR.

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Hey David. I did the following:

  1. Disconnected Google Fit
  2. Reconnected Google Fit
  3. Unchecked everything, leaving Weight & BP
  4. Update all Activities

Voila, weight and BP are not pulled from Google Fit and showing in my calendar. Awesome thank you!!!

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Ghmm, I keep having some issues with the sleep syncing. My yesterday intervals shows 47m of sleep whist Google Fit shows somewhere in the 7h range.

Edit: It just updated to a reasonable value. Don’t know for sure what changed. polls for new wellness data approx every 8 hours. It is possible that only partial sleep data was available and that was later overwritten with complete data.

It also does a poll for recent data when you first visit the calendar page after opening the app.

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I add my resting HR manually ( I measure it via HRV4Training), but the google fit integration keeps overwriting my entries.
I’m not even sure where google fit is getting my resting HR from, maybe strava activities ?

I think some sort of setting that manual entries should not be overwritten could be useful ?

  • Resting HR is the lowest HR recording during sleep (if sleep is enabled) or the lowest HR for the day otherwise

In case you’re unaware, you can disable Google Fit Resting HR. Settings > Click Google Fit > (un)tick Resting HR.

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Aha thanks! Solves my issue indeed :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Is it possible to add activities like cycling and walking/steps?



I could add steps. For cycling you only get summary info so probably still better to get that via Garmin or Dropbox or Strava.

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