Garmin's Body Battery?

Yesterday I discovered and I absolutely love it! I really like how you can plot different graphs underneath the fitness trend. The only think I’m missing is my HRV score. I’m using a garmin vivoactive 4 and I think it only reports Body Battery.

Is there a way to get the body battery score in I know body battery had been discussed before, but it was unclear to me if you can manually incorporate it or get it updated automatically?

Would love to hear any insights!


You should create some custom fields to be able to set it manually, intervals doesn’t have that functionality yet, although I personally doubt that bodybattery measurement.

You can do a regular HRV Measure with garmin app
HRV Analysis Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin

Set it to write a fitfile. This is imported to

David has implemented that the rMSSD and SDNN value is used for the Wellnessdata, a few days ago.

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I would also appreciate body battery integration. Not sure what the API gives you, but daily min and max or something like that would be great

Help me understand that:

Now I sync Garmin Wellness Data (in settings) so I get HRV (which matches the HRV Status widget on my fenix)

When I disable that toggle I figure I will no longer get HRV from there - still any activity will probably have HRV (unless not activated in the watch settings)

What’s the go-to then regarding HRV measurements?

Do a morning reading using an app and a dedicated HRM Strap just to have it overridden by any synced workout?

I have a Garmin Venu2 which can not measure hrv.
So my way is doing a morning measure with the hrv-analysis app (without HR-Strap). This writes a fit-file which appears in Garmin connect and is synced to intervals. Here intervals gets the rMSSD and SDNN out of the fit-file and set this in wellnessdata.