Garmin Power2 data

So I recently bought a garmin Vivoactive 4 and was supprised to find it doesn’t support power by default.
But a developer made a connect IQ field which can record power data and save it to the fit file. (
The data isn’t recorded to the “power” field but to “power2” same goes for cadence.
Is there a way to read these fields as the “normal” powerfields when uploading from a garmin watch?

Hi -

I’m the developer of this “Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin” app which also connects to bike power meters via direct ANT+ connections.

The history with these “3rd party” apps / datafields is that Garmin only allows 3rd parties to write into so-called “developer fields” which doesn’t get picked up by other NON-Garmin sites and theres no way to circumvent this unless you do some output file juggling by changing the fields after the fact.

For developer fields, there is no standard, so there implementing this in any platform may not be trivial or can be as trivial as "put developer fields as “ANY” type

I have support for importing custom record fields from .fit files on the todo list. However I might be able to add support for this field. Please send me a link to an activity with the field and I will have a look.

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Still crazy how fast you get a response on here!
But doesn’t the garmin api give the full fit file to intervals? Then you could add this function only to fit files from the vivoactive and venu models right?

@david should have it!

Tx. Power2 and Cadence2 are now picked up if there isn’t a real watts or cadence field. Will deploy Tues AM (GMT+2).

@app4g If it is in the .fit file record and the units are the same it is easy for me to add support. And that is much less work than implementing “import whatever you like from the .fit file” which is on the todo list.

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Thank you!

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Hello, I’ve got the same problem with my Garmin forerunner 245 watch. Installed the IQ App “ANT+ Power Meter”. It’s an data field wich works fine with my 4iii power meter.

Tested it last week on this small activity:

Hope you’ll find a solution soon. Would be nice. I would use this function as a backup. Garmin battery dies ob a ride or something.

Great training website by the way👌🏼

Tx. That activity works. For activities uploaded before 4th October 2021 you need to do Actions → Reprocess File.

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Great work! Makes my watch way more useful!

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This is brilliant! Thank you.