Garmin Index 2 weight update

Is it possible to somehow connect weight update from Garmin Index2?

Yes, by using Garmin Connect. But you have to check in settings, that your weight is downloaded from Garmin.

Is your Index 2 connected to Garmin?

Hei, no I didn’t (I disable garmin connect as I have duplicates of activities).

Now, I only select “wellness data” from garmin connect and disable update weight from Strava. It seem it’s working.

Yes. As another tipp: you can set in the Settings from which date in the past the weight is synched.

My weight is syncing; however, there are a few other variables collected by the Garmin scale that are missing such as: bone mass, fat mass, muscle mass, water mass and bmi. Can we expect to see these sync in the near future too?

Love the site! Thanks!

I’ll say those data points are highly inaccurate - most of my daily weight variation show as bone and skeletal muscle. Pretty sure I haven’t lost a pound of bone

Tx. I might add body fat % at some point but as @Bgrim points out that data from scales tends to be very inaccurate.

I’ve been using my bone mass fluctuations to determine what size latte to get on my coffee rides :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahahahaha touché