Garmin importIng Health parameters

I am trying to import health metrics from Garmin (activities synched with Strava originally) and I have been receiving messages for more than two hours that the connect is failing. Any ideas about what might be happening?

Are you still having issues or has it come right? Sorry I missed this post before.

I have a Venu 2Plus watch that is attached to the GC account. Because it records ECG data, HIPAA requires 2 Factor Authentications. Since you are making a connection to GC, I assume the same is true for your connection. The 2FA code is only valid for 30 minutes. I disconnected GC, and then reconnected, at the issue seems to be resolved. Interestingly, I am not always asked for 2FA when I log in directed to GC every time, only occasionally now. Thank you.

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