FTP test much pain for little gain

Finally managed to do an FTP test. Last one was back at the start of the year. I keep starting them but bail out after about 12 minutes.
Finally completed it. An increase of 14 w from start of year but a measly 1w improvement on my best ever from last year. Don’t want the pain of doing one of them again any time soon!

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You won’t have to - try Xert :sunglasses:

Do you race?

I’m guessing he’s not :sunglasses:

It never hurts any less just for a shorter amount of time…hopefully.

Yes I do race but only tt’s nowadays. Under 21 min for a 10 and under 55 for 25

I’m a cheap skate, don’t want to pay for any more training protocol pages!

Well, then your FTP pain is surprising - if you do these TT’s, they are all pain and for a longer duration…


Some FTP tests are easier than others though - I’m presuming it was the 20 min test if you bailed after 12 mins.

Maybe try doing a ramp test instead?