FTP cross platform sync

There’s a thread on Xert about syncing FTP cross platform. As @david is the expert here, is it possible for - in this case intervals.icu - to update FTP between the two services? I’d think that maybe you could pull it from Strava, but pushing it to it, probably not.

I can pull it from Strava but I don’t think I can update it. I hadn’t bothered with that before because I figured most people would just updated it in Intervals.icu and not worry about keeping Strava up to date.

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Makes sense - I go by Xert (but I update it here :sunglasses:)

Will you humor me and see if it is at all possible?

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Does Xert update your Strava FTP?

Nope - in my experience, there is no cross platform auto sync of parameters like that, except weight from Garmin to Strava and probably others, like TP and intervals.icu… But not FTP or HR zones et cetera…