FTP-based Training Zones

I used a fictitious value for FTP, how can I change this value and remove it since I still don’t have this real value?
I would like to leave these zones without values until I find FTP.

I would like to leave the FTP as in the image below.
Would it be possible to restore this way?

You have to set some value for FTP if you have a power meter. If you leave it blank, almost all parameters will be blank and you will have no Load, Fitness, Fatigue, Form calculation.
Best thing to do when you start is to set it on the low side. When Intervals detects a new (higher) FTP value, you will be prompted.
But from these screenshots and screenshots from another one of your posts, I think you are a runner and don’t have a power meter. In that case, FTP doesn’t matter because it want be used.
If you do have a Power meter for running but don’t know your FTP yet, choose something with pace as a priority for Training Load and use that for a while untill you are used to the Power meter. You will be able to estimate FTP from your pace zones after a couple of runs.
So choose a setting with “Ritmo” as the first option.

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