Form% activity filter doesn't work

Since i train for triathlon, i have 4 Performance Management Charts, one for all sports, and one for each of bike, run and swim. I want to use the Form % to monitor that my load is in the optimal green zone for all sports, but also individually per sport.
The problem is that although you can define an Activity filter on Form %, this filter is not taken into account, the Form values shown are identical to the one showing all activities even when filtered for only bike, swim or run.
Is it possible to fix this?


Unfortunately calculates fitness and fatigue (and hence form) for all sports together and doesn’t split them out. So I can’t do this easily.

I am going to add support for completely custom fields eventually and then you will be able to construct your own filtered form.

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I see, but when you define a custom Perf management chart, at least the Load - Average weighted 42d and Fatigue - Average weighted 7d can both be filtered on activity and seem to calculate correctly. So the only missing piece is the Load %.

Hope you’ll be able to figure something out!
Thanks !

The missing part is being able to define a plot with a more complex expression that just “load” and an aggregate “fitness avg”. Need to be able to combine multiple expressions using a little language.

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