Finding a coach

Is there any way to search & select a coach on (so that you can then make them accessible to your profile)?


Yes on the /athletes page you can click the “Add Coach” button and search for your coach. They need to confirm and then they will be able to see and edit your stuff.

Thanks, David, but that assumes you know the coach’s name. I’m thinking more of a catalogue to look up and identify a coach first so that you can then add them in via the “Add Coach” button.

Aha. There are some coaches in the “Ask a coach” box that you could contact.

Looks like everyone on “find a coach” is cycling focused (which is understandable given intervals history).
Any running coaches here?



Hi, yes, I’m a running coach!

Where is the box?

Click on the photo in the activities page.
A list will then show.

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