Filter for activities by name

This is a new option in the “Add filter” list used on the activity list view, fitness page custom charts and compare page charts etc…


Very good for when you have the same run loop, loved that feature in strava the compare of similar activities.

Wont work so well for me. Afternoon Run, Morning Run. Etc Etc.

@david Could you add “Average pace” as an available column for the activities list? It’d be loads more useful for us runners :slightly_smiling_face: It’d be good to see seconds on Moving/Elapsed Time as well.

Done. I actually find “4h8m” easier to read than “4:08:37” but can see the value in the seconds for runners.


That’s great, thanks. Real useful for comparing running time/pace for the same course over time now :+1:t2:

@david On a similar theme - could average pace also be added on the calendar view for runs?

Next to average HR could be the best place for it (where you show Normalized Power for rides)?:


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Yea I think this is a good idea. Its a key metric for running.

Great idea! Done! Tx.


Thanks @david

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