Feature request: specific percentile targets

Good morning! Love this tool, and gradually learning to get more benefit out of it. But so far, it’s primarily been of retrospective benefit as I can see and analyze how I’m getting better.

What I’d like to ask for, and which hopefully is a very “easy win” from a programming point of view, is to add a column to this table on the Power page:


As you can see, I’m a very novice rider. And in order to set goals, I’d like to target reaching a certain percentile point on the population since that means I’m getting faster compared to others. So it would be really useful if I could ask that new extra column to show the Nth percentile for all time durations, and I could then compare my current performance to that.

Obviously I’d need to change the numbers manually to evaluate different durations… I may target the 2nd pct for 2+ hours but the 4th for 60 seconds. And yes, the table to the left of this shows the power performance at different percentiles, in multiples of five; but some of us would benefit and enjoy using the tool more if we could set ourselves targets in a more specific and granular fashion.

(Note: The ideal for me would be to have a “targets” column where I can set the percentile or W/kg target I want to reach for each duration individually, and so intervals.icu can send me a “nice ride!” when I reach any of my targets and I can then be further motivated to improve… but in thinking about how to make this easy and quick for David to develop, just having a single target where I can ask for, say, what the 3.4th percentile performance level is, would be great. And I’m guessing that others would like that too.)

Hope the idea works, is easy to develop, and hopefully happens!


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