Failed to link with strava

When i try to link my account with strava i get:
“Athlete is already linked to a different Strava account”
And inside strava i see, that account is linked up.

3 month ago i deleted my account from strava, and now i created new account on strava.

There are no options about Download/Upload. What i am do wrong?

What is your Strava ID? You can find it by going to your profile and then looking in the address bar:


I don’t see any athlete on with that Strava ID. Before you connect make sure you are logged in to the correct Strava account. Maybe it is trying to connect a different a/c?

No, there are only one account. I can make video, ehat i am doing. In 2 hours i upload yo youtube

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2022 08 04 15 11 25 - YouTube sorry for a delay

Tx. I may have fixed this. Please give it a try and let me know.

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Now everything fine! Thanks, David!

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